Sassy Paws Pet Styles

Sassy Paws Pet Styles was brought to the community to serve customers with a type of service that is very hard to find in the grooming industry. We provide clients and their pets with start-to-finish appointments that many salons do not choose to offer because it limits their intake quantity.

Also, Sassy Paws has a TEAM of stylists. We are not just a grooming salon that hires groomers and they have "their own clients". I believe that all our clients should meet and work with all of our stylists. I believe this because needs change, schedules change, and things just come up. When a client and their pet is only used to one stylist it limits their options and the last thing that a salon as convenient as Sassy Paws wants to do is limit your options.

All of the stylists hired at the salon have been fully trained and are completely capable of handling any of your needs and requests. (Within reason, we have not been able to make any Yorkshire Terriers look like the Caesars dog food dog as of yet!)

With all of that said no matter which stylist you book your pet's grooming appointment with it will always be treated with the same loving respect and safety to receive the best quality service we strive to always offer. Thank You for choosing us!

Meet Your Stylists

Pet Stylist Malinda

Malinda - Owner

"My name is Malinda Costa, I am the Owner of Sassy Paws Pet Styles LLC and have been grooming for 16years. I started my career in an agricultural high school and upon completion received my grooming certification from a grooming school. I truly love my career and all of my furry (and human) clients. My husband and I share our home with our 9year old Maltese named Lilly Bell (who's spunky attitude cannot be missed when visiting the salon) and our beautiful daughter. In my spare time I enjoy pet industry trade shows, craft fairs, photography and spending lots of time outside with my family."


Pet Stylist Brianna


Hi! My name is Brianna Hanwell and this is most of my zoo! From left to right are Logan, Remus, Freya and Sophie. The cats were not altogether impressed by photo time, so I didn't involve my pet rat, Nimbus! I have been a professional in the animal care industry for 9 years now, completing my formal education with a degree in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. I've never had any doubt that I would work with animals and grooming has been a dream come true. Dog Grooming is my passion and I am so fortunate to have found a career where I can combine my love of animals and art to make animals look and feel great! Outside of work I enjoy anything nerdy, especially video games and Fantasy/Sci-Fi media. I also harbor an addiction to candy and Pomeranians, neither of which I plan to recover from!


Pet Stylist Iliana


Hi, I'm Iliana (lani)! These are my personal loves Lola (on my lap), Bruin (my grey boy) and Belle (my husky), life would not be complete without them or all of my family dogs. We are a family of 7 pups altogether, 2 lhasa apsos, 2 chihuahuas, 2 huskys and our big ol' american bulldog/pit mix. I got into grooming after relocating to the south due to the military. I decided to follow my passion and go through grooming school to become a certified groomer. I absolutely love working with dogs and giving them their well deserved spa time. I've now been in the grooming world for just about 3 years and I can not see myself doing anything else. The pure happiness, spark and excitement a pup radiates when they feel clean and know they look amazing is what fuels my love for grooming.

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