Pet Grooming Salon in Reading, MA
Reading Pet Salon


Behavioral Problems

In order to ensure the safety of your pet and groomer please let the salon know of any aggressive behaviors your pet may exhibit during his/her grooming. It is not uncommon for pets to protest certain aspects of the process and most can be dealt with safely by applying a muzzle if necessary. It is very important that the salon is aware of these matters. There may be an additional charge for excessive aggression that prolongs the grooming process. Sassy Paws also offers a cage free stay while at the salon. If your dog does not "play well with others" please make us aware of that when making your appointment to be sure cage space or a pen is available.






Pet Salon Policies

Please take a minute to read the following entries regarding salon policies.


*All pets must be leashed or in a carrier
when entering the salon to ensure their safety*

Hours of Operation

Salon hours are set to be as convenient as possible for busy pet owners. In order to keep everyone on schedule please be sure to notify the salon if you are delayed or unable to keep your appointment. Most appointments are made on a Start-To-Finish basis. Tardy arrivals may need to be rescheduled. Space is limited because the salon is designed for pets to be picked up when completed. Therefore pets not picked up within 30 minutes of the agreed time will be charged and additional fee unless otherwise discussed with the salon.

Potty Time

Please be sure your pet is fed and relieved of his/hers "morning duties" before arriving at the salon. This will make for a more comfortable experience and allow for completion in a timely manner. Accidents do happen however any excessive clean-up or the need for re-bathing may result in additional charges. On occasion pets may be offered treats while at the salon, if your pet has any allergies or stomach sensitivity please specify your pet not be given any treats.

New Clients

WELCOME! To make the check in process as simple and quick as possible please have with you your pet's current vaccination records (Current Rabies Vaccination is mandatory for both Cats and Dogs due to Massachusetts State Law) and any notes from your veterinarian the salon may need to be aware of. The client and pet's basic information will be entered into the computer system and saved for future reference and scheduling.

Fleas and Ticks

An infestation of fleas and ticks could happen to any pet that is not treated with a monthly preventative. Flea and tick baths as well as spot of treatments are offered as a service to help rid your pet of any pests. To prevent the spread of infestation please explain to the groomer that your pet may have fleas and/or ticks when scheduling your appointment. There is a pill for flea treatment that you may purchase and pick up from the salon to help rid your pet until it can be bathed in our all natural flea and tick bath. Any pet found to be contaminated with fleas and or ticks will be treated promptly at the owner's expense as well as other pets in the salon that may have been contaminated by your pet. Pet's with an infestation of fleas and/or ticks will be asked to be picked up immediately and treated at home to prevent spreading to other pets.