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Our mission is to improve the appearance, health and overall wellbeing of every pet in our care while providing a comfortable and safe environment with quality and professional service. Our Sassy Stylists will always put safety and compassion (and snuggles) above all when being trusted with our clients pets. The Sassy Paws team will continue to be educated in new techniques and new products for the benefit of our clients and their pets on a regular basis to always ensure the highest quality of care. We are proud to provide assistance and education to clients from a holistic point of view when it comes to caring from their pet’s skin and coat.

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♥️Happy Valentines Day ♥️
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Cheers 🥂
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Eat your heart out……💋
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This little cutie was lucky enough to snag a little winter scarf action to finish off his grooming. ❄️
• One tip for grooming the older pups is to make sure the water is not too hot and definitely not too cold. A little warmer than warm, YUP that’s good, a little warmer than warm will keep them happy and comfy. ☺️
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✨ it’s and EnErGy ✨
Cruz hopes you’re all enjoy this awkward week between 12/24-1/1. I’ll just be over here RE-vacuuming all the golden confetti his EnErGy sprinkles through the house. 
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We hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. Whether your Christmas was spent with a home full of laughing loved ones or you and your fur-baby snuggled on the couch, happiness and a warm heart is what we wish for you. 🎄
We will be closed 12/24-1/2 and will reopen for pre-booked appointments on 1/3 while our crew takes much needed and deserved break after a busy holiday season. 🐾
Merry Christmas from the Sassy Stylist Team 💚♥️
Proper bushing at home is key to your pup looking fresh between grooms and keeping the dreaded matts away. Start with a wire slicker brush (brushing from toes to hip moving up and over through the body till you get every part). Then before you move from one area to another check your work with a metal comb. Please be sure to never forcefully pull on knots, if it’s catches and doesn’t slipped out with more than a little pressure go over that spot with a slicker again. 
Who would like more content on proper home maintenance. I really enjoy showing off what we do so we are excited to share more! 
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We are really getting in the Holiday Spirit over here! Lucky us……we snagged this perfect bunch of snacks for your pups. These lip smack’n tasty treats are available for purchase and the best part is it helps support a local charity foundation for homeless puppers. Stop in or grab one at pick up for your pup and a furry friend! 🦴🎄
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I certainly couldn’t walk by this Christmas tie and not imagine it on some our cutest doggos! 🎄🎁🐾
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We are elated that the Christmas season is finally here and we get to spoil our furry friends. 🐾
All prebooked appointments get you choice of bandana and/bow as well as a special treat from us! 🎁
We have two seasonal scent gift bottles for all the pups that are booked this month! 🎄
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