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VIP packages

Grooming sessions purchased and booked 6-12 months in advance include any one ONE FREE ADD ON package with every groom.

Small Breeds

ie. Pug, Min Pin, Chihuahua, Shih-tzu, M. Schnauzer, T. Poodle, Yorkie

  • Bath & Brush – $49+
  • Fluff & Buff – $59+
  • Pet Clip – $69+
  • Breed Specific/ Styling – $79+
Medium Breeds

ie. Mixed Breed, S. Schnauzer, Wheaton, Spaniels, Doodles

  • Bath & Brush – $59+
  • Fluff & Buff – $69+
  • Pet Clip – $79+
  • Breed Specific/ Styling – $89+
Large Breeds
ie. Labrador, Airedale, Standard Poodle, Doodles, Golden Retriever

  • Bath & Brush – $69+
  • Fluff & Buff – $89+
  • Pet Clip – $99+
  • Breed Specific/ Styling – $110+
X-Large Breeds

iBernese Mountain Dog, Malamute, Doodles, Newfoundland, Samoyed

  • Bath & Brush – $85+
  • Fluff & Buff – $100+
  • Pet Clip – $150+
  • Breed Specific/ Styling – $180+
Puppies First Grooming! - $45

A puppies first grooming is an introduction to a lifetime of grooming. Starting early is key. We want to make it a good experience and introduce them to the fundamentals of grooming with this intro session. 

  • Bath and Brush
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning (plucking if needed)
  • Face, Feet, and Sanitary trim
  • Up to 4 Months of Age*


**All prices range based on the size of your pet, temperament, hair type, quality and condition of the coat and the trim desired. A pet that is more challenging to manage may require more time and attention, thus could increase the price of the grooming. A price estimate can be given prior to grooming upon arrival for your pet’s appointment.

 Bath & Brush

Your pup’s coat and skin will be cleansed with a specialty shampoo chosen specifically for its own particular needs followed by a light conditioning treatment.

  • Massaging Bath and Fluff Dry
  • 15 Minutes of Brushing
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleansing and Plucking if needed


 Fluff & Buff

Along with the massaging bath and fluff drying this grooming session also includes a classic “Neat’n Up”.
  • Massaging Bath and Fluff Dry
  • 15 Minutes of Brushing
  • Feet, Face, Feather & Light Sanitary Trim
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleansing and Plucking (if needed)


 Pet Clip

Similar to a Fluff and buff, but we also work on removing hair from the body to the desired length using various length clipper blades. We have a hair chart available for example, to help you choose the length that is right for you..
  • Massaging Bath and Fluff Dry
  • 15 Minutes of Brushing
  • Full Body Clipper Trim
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleansing and Plucking (if needed)


 Breed Specific & Personality Styling

Styling is one of a groomer’s favorite things to do. But like any great piece of art, it requires a good canvas to start from. It requires lots of time and scissor work with results you will love. If your dog’s coat is not in the state that is needed to achieve the look you want, one of our Certified Professional groomers will discuss how to get your pet to a condition where we can achieve your goals.
  • Massaging Bath and Fluff Dry.
  • Complete Brushing
  • Trim to Breed Standard/Client Request.
  • Nail Trimming and Filing.
  • Ear Cleansing and Plucking if needed.

Add On Packages

Fresh Face - $15
  • All Natural Ear Flushing
  • Exfoliating Tearless Facial Scrub
  • Nose Balm
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Breath Freshener
Best Foot Forward - $15
  • Paw Pad Cleansing Soak
  • Remoistening Healing Lotion
  • All Natural Balm Application
Check location for availability
Sassy Dog - $15+
Specialty Bandana/Bib/Bow/Necklace
Choose 2-
  • Feather Extension
  • Bling Bling
  • Braids/Pig Tails/Fancy Top Knot
  • Glitter Dust
  • Color Highlights
  • Pawlish Tips
Check location for availability
Wags to Riches - $15+
  • Exfoliating Tearless Blueberry Facial Scrub
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Breath Freshening

*First time FREE upgrade for Saved to Sassy clients!

Smell Ya Lata - $25+
  • De-Skunk System
  • Extra Deodorizing Cleanse
Pick of the Litter

$8 EACH:

  • Exfoliating Tearless Blueberry Facial
  • Teeth Brushing & Breath Freshener 
  • Nose and Pad Balm Application
  • Tick Removal with Antiseptic Cleanse
  • Specialty Bandana, Bow, Necklace, Bow Tie
  • Feather Extension
  • Bling Bling
$10 EACH:
  • Pawlish Application 
  • Airbrush Color Stencil
  • Color Highlights 
  • Braids/Pig Tails/Fancy Top Knot
Bath & Go - $45
  • Specialty Shampoo Wash
  • Towel Dry
  • Quick Dry Solution Application
Appointment Required & Coat Restrictions Apply
Paw-dicure - $25
  • Paw and Pad Trim
  • Nail Trimming with Filing
  • Pad Balm Application
  • Fresh Scent Body Lotion
  • Bandana or Bow
Butt Scootin Boogie - $15
  • External Anal Gland Expression
  • Waterless Booty Wash
  • Cologne or Body Lotion
Walk-in Trim - $13

Walk-in Canine, Feline or Small Animal Nail Trim 

Walk-in Trim & File - $17

Walk-in Trimming with Nail Filing

Cat Clip
A Lion Clip is where we remove the majority of the hair. Leaving a mane (big, small, or no mane), Boots (tall, short, or no boots), and a tail puff (big, small, or no puff). Also includes a nail trim and ear cleansing. Matt-shaving is where we remove the entire belly, rear and underarms where most matting occurs.
  • Short or Long Hair Matt Removal – $80
  • Short or Long Hair Lion Clip – $120


Find out more about Sassy Paws upcoming events.

Two Locations

Two low volume, clean, and calm salons to keep your pooch happy.

The Stylists

Read about the groomers behind the Sassy Paws Magic.

I certainly couldn’t walk by this Christmas tie and not imagine it on some our cutest doggos! 🎄🎁🐾
#sassypaws #sassydog #stpoo #poodlesofinstagram #standardpoodle #therapydog #collegebound #endicottcollege
We are elated that the Christmas season is finally here and we get to spoil our furry friends. 🐾
All prebooked appointments get you choice of bandana and/bow as well as a special treat from us! 🎁
We have two seasonal scent gift bottles for all the pups that are booked this month! 🎄
#sassypaws #sassydog #sassystylist #northreadingma #merrychristmas #happyholidays
🧡H a p p y  T h a n k s g i v i n g 🧡
 We are feeling extra thankful, grateful and blessed to serve our amazing clients this holiday season. Thank you for your support as always! 
We wish you all a wonderful holiday full of laughter, love and of course furry hugs! 
We will be Closed Thursday and Friday and will reopen for pre-booked appointments on Saturday. 🐾
#sassypaws #sassydog #happythanksgivng #northreadingma #community
This little chic makes this short week even sweeter! 
#sassypaws #sassydog #fluffandbuff #shihtzu #shihtzusofinstagram #thankful #northreadingma
Stuffing should only be baked INSIDE the Turkey. -Thank you for coming to my Teddy Talk. 🦃🐾🧡
#sassypaws #sassydog #pomeranian #pomsofinstagram #happyholidays #northreadingma
The sun is shining and your stinky pup will thank you! ☀️
🛁 We have a few last minute openings today for Bath and Brush pups! Also some Nail Trimming and Filing availability. 
NEW CLIENTS WELCOME! (have your rabies certificate ready)
These openings are for pups without thick undercoats and no fur trimming. 
Text 978-357-9200 for an available time slot! 
#northreading #readingma #dirtydog #labradorretriever #bostonterrier #beagle #bathandbrush
Cruz wants everyone to know that we have some special treats to share this week in honor of one of our favorite holidays. 🎃
These treats by @nanasteatimetreats are pumpkin and peanut butter flavored deliciousness (the dogs told us so!) in the shape of a spooky coffin. ⚰️
All our grooming clients this week and anyone who has a nail trimming appointment can grab theirs while supplies last! 
#sassypaws #sassydog #happyhalloween #dogtreats #barkery #hillockgoldens #goldenretriever #shoplocal #rescue #rip
The sploot says it all 💛 
Here at Sassy Paws we do our best to keep your pup comfortable and happy. Our friend Kia here loves her spaw days but enjoys hanging out with us even more! 
#aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherd #splootsofinstagram #dogsploot #sassydog #sassyypaws #sassystylists #northreading #northreadingma
From specialty shampoo to new tools and plenty of bows in between I’d say the trade show was a success. @bardelbows are my all time favorite but I’m equally excited to try out the new brushing spray from @ivsanbernardusa 
Does your profession have a trade show/convention, I’d love to know! ✂️🐾🛍
#sassypaws #sassydog #northreading #newenglandgroomingshow #bardelbows #ivesanbernard #petstoredirect #artero #igroom #wahl #alphagroomingproducts #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings
The Sassy Stylists will be spending the day tomorrow soaking up all the knowledge we can from industry leading professionals at the New England Grooming Expo. We will be attending classes for skin and coat health, safety standards, as well as updated techniques. The salon will be closed on Friday but we will be back even better than before on Saturday. 
I love these conventions because it allows us to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques, not to mention the renewed excitement everyone feels from ambience of the day! 
#sassypaws #sassystylists #groomerlife #groomercontinuingeducation
I’m not sure how to describe how satisfying this is to a dog groomer but just know we love a good de-shed! This guy looks like he lost half his weight in just fur! 
Who else has a shedder?!? 🐾🖤
#sassyydpg #sassypaws #muttlove #wednesday #northreading #desheddingtreatment